Thursday, December 13, 2012


Kevin and I went to TLC (Transitional Living Center) to give Crocs to kids last week.  It was so fun seeing their faces and watching as they put them on their little feet.  I took a video of one little girl dancing a quick jig.  She was over the top with excitement.  When I can figure out how to share that short film, I will link it to our blogs.  We are also including a small gift package with the Crocs.  It includes directions on how to clean them and add art themselves.  There are markers and small gifts from our local Park City Mall's Crocs Store.

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I will continue to post on both sites with more information.  Thanks for following our progress.

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  1. Amazing video and idea. On the site this blog address is wrong - it should be .blogspot not @blogspot.

    ; )