Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Windows Work!

“You may not think you can reach it. Climb anyway.  You may not think you’ll be heard.  Speak anyway.  You may not think you can change things.  Try anyway.”
-Maya Angelou

Windows work to get the Word out!

The Ware Center is hosting our O’Crocs Window of Awareness display.  For those of you who don’t know, The Ware Center is located at 42 N. Prince Street, in downtown Lancaster.  Kevin Lehman of Lancaster Creative Factory brilliantly constructed the outline of a house that holds all 100 pairs of Crocs.  This display is beyond my wildest imagination!  Hope you get an opportunity to see it in person.

The Frist Friday Gallery Walk (11/2/12) opening was filled with energy and many people.  Some members of Girls on the Run came with their families to see our display, find their Crocs and take pictures. 

Thursday, November 16, The Lancaster Coalition to End Homelessness will hold a free concert.  They have asked me to speak about our project.  The evening will be filled with music.   We will take the window exhibit down after the concert.  Lancaster Creative Factory will begin giving shoes to children experiencing homelessness next week!

The Sole Challenge is Working!!

The Sole Challenge is alive and well.  I have made contact with several people actively working on their plan.  This is all a bonus to what my challenge is and how it is playing out.  One young woman is planning to sell jewelry she creates then donate a portion of her earnings to her favorite charity.  Lancaster Creative Factory donated twenty-five Crocs to a community activist who is asking artists to paint them, auction them and give the money to her charity of choice.  A book club member is gathering pledges for reading books and the list goes on. 

Remember, an idea is good; a plan helps.  You just have to WANT to DO something to take action.


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